Leading chemicals Supplier


CMCI – Construction Material Chemical Industries is the most trusted Saudi manufacturer for building chemicals, since 1985.
The company has expanded together with the Saudi building industry, booming in the last three decades and growing out of its very first building in Dammam, and into three manufacturing plants in Saudi Arabia, serving the requirements locally, in the Gulf Area and the Middle East.


What we do

CMCI manufactures a complete range of products, serving construction projects at every stage: from the foundations, up to the roof.
Among these, an offering of Concrete Admixtures, grouts and joint sealants. For the initial stages of construction: Foundation coatings, Floor hardeners, Floor Toppings, Sealers, Curing compounds and Floor coatings. Followed by advanced waterproofing solutions for roofs, pools, tunnels, reservoirs and sewages. And finished with the right Plasters, Tile adhesives or Tile grouts.

Because every project is different, CMCI offers tailor-made solutions of the highest quality – like Machinery Grouts, and Industrial Floor Coatings.

The success of CMCI is due to more than a persistance in choosing high quality raw materials, or investing in state of the art technology. CMCI believes that it is a credit to the sophisticated quality control and assurance practices across manufacturing and testing.

Our Certifications

In the past 30 years, CMCI has successfully supplied more than 10,000 projects in the region, working closely with architects, consultants, and engineers to solve and service each one’s unique requirements.
CMCI is always proud to serve a new construction with quality, specialized supplies. Contact us to find the right partner to complete your project on time, and to the highest quality standards.